Seeing double…

Hi all, How are you? I hope that you are all well. 

It’s been a busy few weeks. Today (20th June) was my mums birthday so I set about painting a beautiful set of twins – however I was naughty as I painted a set for myself too! The twins of choice: twin a and twin b sculpted by the amazing Bonnie Brown. 

I absolutely adore these kits as they are so detailed and they remind me of my daughter when she was born. Here’s the two sets of twins….

How cute? I made many outfits and a special baby carrier too in order to pack them up with for my mums box reveal! The baby carriers proved to be a huge hit with Facebook resulting in many orders which, now are fulfilled! Whew… 

I loved the sewing but, soon had the painting bug once more and have now just finished painting Will, sculpted by Natalie Scholl – he is just awaiting some hair now! 

His hair is on my list of things to do! So stay tuned! 

Anyway, apologies this post is short and sweet I just wanted to document my last few weeks! I will leave you with some pics of my twins – please meet Miss Mikayla and Mr McKenzie….

Until next time, enjoy the sun! 

Big bubba snuggles xxx


I am still alive… :)


Hi peeps, apologies for the long break since my last post!

WOW! Have I been busy! It’s been non-stop. Life tends to be pretty hectic with a five year old, not to mention all the Reborns I have worked on over the past year. My Facebook page now has over 200 likes and I have had many custom orders. It makes me feel so happy that people like my work, I just love bringing to life a beautiful kit, and giving them their individual look and personality!

In this post I will show you a select few babies that I have created over the past year, as well as share some exciting news with you. So as always, grab a hot chocolate, put your feet up and get cozy because this may just be a long read!

So, if you remember back in April I was discussing the Tayla kit and how I went about painting her – well since then I have gone on to create many more babies and perfecting both my overall painting style and technique. I hope to soon offer a tutorial on how to perfect your creations too so please stay tuned for more info on that.


So first up is Eli Donnelly. She is preemie girl sculpted by the very talented Phil Donnelly. She was such fun to paint and was very quickly adopted via my Facebook page. As you can see she turned out just perfect. She measured at 17″ and was a limited edition kit of only 150 worldwide.


Next, was the beautiful baby Lane sculpted by Sandra White. He measured at 19″ and again was a beautiful kit to work with I just loved his cute little feet and hands. His hands were more open and there were fewer wrinkles and creases in his kit but beautiful all the same!


I then went on to create beautiful Anastasia sculpted by the fabulous Olga Auer. She was originally meant to be a keeper but my customers on my Facebook page were instantly drawn to her so I adopted her out to a great home. She was really beautiful, in fact I would love to have the opportunity to create another of these kits. She was so chunky but yet quite small at the same time! Just look st that cute little face awwww!

I have created so many babies over the past year but these are my select few favourites. At the moment I am working on the beautiful twins A & B by Bonnie Brown and wow are they small. They are turning out so wonderful too! I have also set to working on my sewing machine making clothes and accessories for all of the beautiful babies too. Here’s a work in progress picture of the beautiful twins (apologies it’s just their heads)!


They are just so adorable, don’t you think?

Like I mentioned previously, I have now perfected a whole new technique which soon I am hoping to share with you all. Once I have written the full in-depth tutorial I will post a link here in order to let you know where it can be purchased and downloaded from. In the meantime, get outside and enjoy the sun.

I must go for now, but promise not to leave it too long before my next entry.

Take care all, stay cute and I will catch you all soon

big bubba snuggles xx


Meet Tayla…

Hi Peeps!

I hope that you are all well.

WOW! It’s been a crazy few weeks at my end. So many lessons learned and so much accomplished! So sit back, grab a coffee and let me tell you all about it!

Although the weather has been pretty awesome for the best part of the Easter holidays, myself and my mother Angie have spent most of it indoors. Whilst my adorable daughter Chloe chilled to some tunes and played with her ever-growing selection of toys, myself and my mother embarked on creating our first reborn.

Although the prospect of painting was pretty daunting and scary, I thoroughly enjoyed it and feel that I did pretty well. As I felt that she’s been pretty successful I thought that I would dedicate this blog post to both introducing you all to my first creation and walking you through my process – as I initially promised to share both tips and tricks!

So, everyone please welcome Miss Tayla – she’s the ‘Tayla’ sculpt created by the extremely talented Reva Shick. Tayla is a teeny premie with a soft doe suede body and has 3 1/4 vinyl arms and legs.


Pretty good, don’t you think? Want to know how I created her? Well, if you do and you are running low on that coffee grab a top-up and let’s begin!

As with any kit, I learned that its good practice to give the kit a nice, soapy ‘bath’ before beginning to paint as this helps remove any factory oils and any dirt from the vinyl. When doing this it is of utmost importance to ensure that the inside of head and four limbs to not get wet as it can take a long time to dry and can also cause damage to the vinyl. This is ‘Tayla’ after bath, ready to be brought to life…

Blank Kit - Tayla by Reva Shick

Blank Kit – Tayla by Reva Shick

Now for the painting…

For the first layer I used Genesis Flesh 08. I applied the paint using a brush firstly to head, then used a cosmetic wedge to pounce all over the vinyl in order to even out the paint and clear any excess. Next, I used my mop brush to blend areas and clear any paint build-up. I then went on to do the same for each of her four limbs.

Once complete I put ‘Tayla’ in the Halogen oven and baked her for 9 minutes at 130 – something of which I did after each layer.

Once cooled I went on to paint her second ‘Flesh’ layer; this time I used my colour from the previous layer and added a touch of Burnt Umber – this was the resulting colour:

Flesh Layer 2: Genesis Flesh 08 + a touch of Burnt Umber

Flesh Layer 2: Genesis Flesh 08 + a touch of Burnt Umber

After baking and cooling, I then moved on to the creases. The colour I used was a ‘blood red’ this was achieved by mixing Genesis Red with a tiny tip of Ultramarine Blue – the resulting colour along with the completed creases is pictured below:

Creases, Mottling and Lip colour.

Creases, Mottling and Lip colour.

Creases and first Lip Layer applied.

Creases and first Lip Layer applied.

The next stage was to paint on some thin veins, however they didnt seem to show up. Therefore I decided to revisit this step later on in the painting process.

Next I continued to build up on the lips – I used the same colour as the creases. I learnt that it’s of utmost importance to build up the lip colour gradually, using multiple layers. I continued to repeat this step after each layer. I painted the lips using the same colour each time; the colour was very tanslucent, the brush strokes began at the centre and went out to the outer edge of each lip.

'Tayla'with Lip colour applied.

‘Tayla’ with Lip colour applied.

After baking and cooling, I went on to do her first Mottling layer. To do this layer I again used the same colour of which I created for her creases and lips. In order to create her mottling I grabbed a pair of tweezers and a cosmetic wedge and pulled out some holes – I found this method much easier than using the mottling sponge as I was applying the paint using the same method as previous layers – pouncing all over the vnyl. I applied the mottling layer all over her head and limbs ensuring to leave only the palms of her hands and soles of her feet free from paint.

'Tayla' with mottling and lip colour applied.

‘Tayla’ with mottling and lip colour applied.

Next, I went on to add a warming color to ‘Tayla’. In order to this I used a coat of Burnt Umberall over both her head and four limbs; as I didn’t want Tayla to become darker I used a thin, watery layer. The reason for doing this layer was to add some skin pigment, in my opinion it helps make the baby look more realistic and not too red.

Burnt Umber layer applied.

Burnt Umber layer applied.

Next, I applied a ‘Vein Blue wash’ – for this I used a very thin, watery layer of Ultramarine Blue. I find that this gives a real sense of blue undertones that you always find when looking at real skin.

Once baked and cooled I went on to apply a ‘Yellow Ochre wash’ –  as with the previous layer I used a thin, watery consistency. I find that yellow pigments are very important and extremely necessary if you are aiming to achieve a baby-like skin colour. I apply this colour all over the head and each of the four limbs in order to add dimension.

At this stage I added a few more layers of paint to Tayla’s lips.

Once baked and cooled, I decided to add some blushing – I payed particular attention to the cheeks, nose, chin, elbows, knees, palm of hands, soles of feet and fingers. I applied the blushing by using a cosmetic wedge; first i painted onto the wedge using the same colour as I used for both the mottling and the lips. I made sure to dab off the sponge on a paper towel in order to ensure my blusing would not be too excessive. Here was how little Tayla was looking at this stage:

Gorgeous 'Tayla', with her blushing layer applied.

Gorgeous ‘Tayla’, with her blushing layer applied.

Gorgeous 'Tayla', with Blusing layer applied.

Gorgeous ‘Tayla’, with Blusing layer applied.

At this stage I was feeling extremely pleased of how ‘Tayla’ was taking shape, however I felt that she needed another flesh layer in order to tone down the reds so they aren’t so obvious. In order to do this layer I used Genesis Flesh 08 + a hint of Yellow Ochre; to apply this layer I painted all over the head and each of the four limbs. Next I used a cosmetic wedge and pounced over each piece in order to even out the paint, lastly I used my mop brush to clear excess paint build-up – paying particular attention to the creases.

Next, I decided to put a little more blue detailing in areas of which I felt had not yet had enough i.e. above eyebrows, between fingers, soles, palms and knees. At this stage I also paint the nails and lips with my mottling colour.

'Tayla' with Bluetone applied.

‘Tayla’ with Bluetone applied.

'Tayla'with Bluetone applied.

‘Tayla’ with Bluetone applied.

As l felt that ‘Tayla’ was nearly complete, I decided to add a touch more yellow. At the same time I decided to do an ‘internal wash’ of a violet blue in order to bring out the other colours. I also decided to do another nail coat and add some red to the ears in order to make them look more life-like.

'Internal Wash' colour.

‘Internal Wash’ colour.

Now, we reach the final layer; the details and finishing touches. I decided to re-do the elbows, knees and cheeks. I also added some veins, capillaries, eyebrows and nail tips.

Once painting was complete I began to root her hair. I also inserted a magnet into place and modified a pacifier.

‘Tayla’ has been really fun to paint and I love the way she turned out – although as she’s a preemie I feel that I rooted way too much hair! – However, it was my first attempt at rooting!

What do you all think? Would love to get any feedback, and I hope that this post has been helpful to any budding reborn artists…

Anyway, as the post is so very, very long I must sign off for now.

Next week, I will be attempting to bring to life the gorgeous Chloe sculpt by the talented Linda Murray and as always I will be sure to document my progress. Until then, stay cute and I will catch you soon.

Big bubba snuggles xxx


I have developed an obsession with pacifiers…

Hello peeps,

I hope that you are all well. This week has been crazy, I have magnetised a range of pacifiers for my gorgeous little boy Kaiden. I have also taken full advantage of the beautiful few days of great weather that we had and done a big photoshoot of Kaiden and my mum’s ickle boy Corey.

Kaiden was extremely impressed with his new pacifiers, here he is modelling each of them…



The pacifiers were much easier to modify then I initially anticipated.

  • First I laid out each pacifier and grabbed a pair of sharp scissors.
  • Next, I cut the ‘teat’ of each pacifier – in order to get a clean cut I pulled the teat really hard then cut  with the scissors at an angle. When the teat was removed there was hardly any trace of it.
  • Then, I grabbed my stash of magnets, laid one on Kaiden’s face in order to determine what way around the magnetised side was correct for him.
  • Lastly, I used my strong super glue and glued the magnet in place on the pacifier and left it to dry overnight.

Easy peasy!

What do you all think? Which one do you prefer? I seem to have an obsession for Nuk and Avent ones currently!

Kaiden also thoroughly enjoyed his photoshoot with Uncle Corey:

Corey & Kaiden

How cute! Left: Corey. Right: Kaiden


Chillin’ in the sun! Left: Corey. Right: Kaiden


Lovin’ the selfies! Left: Corey. Right: Kaiden

Please ‘follow me’ and wish me the best of luck as next week I will be taking the plunge and starting my first kit – Tayla by Denise Pratt! EEEEKKKKK!

Until then, stay cute and I will catch you soon!

Big bubba snuggles xxx



My name is Michelle, and I love reborn’s! … I first came across them when looking for a nice doll for my daughter, Chloe. I just could’t believe how ‘life-like’ they could be, and quickly went on to order one for myself.

My first reborn was the ‘Caspar’ sculpt by Christa Gotzen. He was purely magnificent – so life-like and cuddly! He came to me with an outfit, nappy, baby bottle with faux formula and adorable clothes; immediately I became hooked and it wasn’t long before I ordered my second – the ‘Serah’ sculpt by Adrie Stoete.

Serah was pure brilliance, I loved her so much – she had the life-like hands, feet and floppy new born baby head.          


Little ‘Serah’ by Adrie Stoete


Little ‘Serah’ with magnetised umbilical cord.


‘Caspar’ by Christa Gotzen


Caspar’s ickle feet

Since having these two beauties my collection has expanded. However, currently I now only own one – meet Kaiden; he’s the Cameron sculpt by the extremely talented Sheila Michael.


My gorgeous little Kaiden…

‘Kaiden’ was created by Bette at Heartstrings Nursery – she’s an extremely talented lady, which is why I am currently awaiting on another custom order from her.

As my passion for these marvellous creations continues to grow on a daily basis, I along with my mother – who is also an avid reborn collector – have decided to learn the art of ‘reborning’.

This blog will be dedicated to both my babies and my journey in learning what there is to know of the art – I will create tutorials for people who are wanting to learn alongside me too. I will also share images of my babies and I hope to meet like-minded people; with the possibility of creating a community where we can share stories, ideas and help for those of whom are learning to reborn or are wanting to know more.

I have, over the past few weeks started purchasing all of the many and much needed supplies, such as Genesis Heat Set Paints, sponges, mohair, DVDs and of course those all-important kits. I plan to start painting next week, and will be sure to post updates and pictures – even the bad ones which I am sure will be aplenty!

I am so very excited and I hope you will join me in my journey… so why not drop me a line or ‘follow’ my blog in order to see regular updates.

Anyway, I must go! Stay cute and I will catch you soon!

Big bubba snuggles xxx